St Albans Half Marathon
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11 June 2017
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Second Categ
Gen Pos
1138Tom Crouch01:12:4001:12:36Male Under 401St Albans StridersMale1 
2114Paul ADAMS01:14:2501:14:22Male Under 402St Albans StridersMale2 
366Neil Hume01:15:1001:15:06M40 - 491Garden City RunnersMale3 
464Andrea Fraquelli01:16:3601:16:33Male Under 403 Male4 
5108Richard Tindell01:16:5201:16:44Male Under 404 Male5 
6186Joe Everitt01:19:0201:18:59M40 - 492 Male6 
72248James Bosher01:19:2901:19:25Male Under 405 Male7Gates of St Albans
8205RACHEL FELTON01:20:4701:20:44W35 - 441Shaftesbury Barnet HarriersFemale1 
92235Jared Bethell01:20:5101:20:47Male Under 406 Male8Gates of St Albans
103078Luke Crump01:22:2301:22:19Male Under 407Higham HarriersMale9 
11160Paul Davies01:22:3001:22:27Male Under 408Garden City RunnersMale10 
123422Nicolas Berger01:22:4201:22:34Male Under 409Serpentine Running ClubMale11 
1363Jonathan Scott01:22:4901:22:45M40 - 493St Albans StridersMale12 
1442David Craddock01:22:5601:22:47Male Under 4010 Male13 
15100Glen Turner01:22:5901:22:51Male Under 4011 Male14 
16169Luke Wynne01:23:1901:23:15Male Under 4012 Male15 
17128David Lawrence01:23:2001:23:17Male Under 4013 Male16 
183151JAY FALLAIZE01:23:2601:23:22Male Under 4014Higham HarriersMale17 
19133James Arrowsmith01:23:5001:23:46Male Under 4015Trent Park Running ClubMale18 
2083Kate Rennie01:23:5101:23:47W35 - 442Dacorum & Tring Athletics ClubFemale2 
21105Paul Lucas01:24:0101:23:57Male Under 4016 Male19 
22200Craig Halsey01:24:0601:24:02Male Under 4017Fairlands Valley Spartans (Stevenage)Male20 
233152Dan Doherty01:24:0601:24:00M40 - 494Higham HarriersMale21 
245Andy Jordan01:24:3001:24:25M50 - 591Harpenden Arrows RunnersMale22 
25122Alex Smith01:25:1101:25:00Male Under 4018Harpenden Arrows RunnersMale23 
26247Jeremy Dell01:25:2001:25:06Male Under 4019 Male24 
2743Tito Paratico01:25:2301:25:03Male Under 4020 Male25 
28219Matthew Draper01:25:4001:25:32Male Under 4021 Male26 
29104Peter Harvey01:25:4301:25:40M40 - 495Garden City RunnersMale27 
30223Alex Griffiths01:25:4501:25:42Male Under 4022 Male28 
313516Leigh Head01:25:5101:25:44M40 - 496 Male29Sherrards Solicitors
3277Matthew Cooper01:25:5601:25:48Male Under 4023 Male30 
3320James Chasen01:26:0201:25:53Male Under 4024Harpenden Arrows RunnersMale31 
34125Adam Bayliss01:26:1201:26:03Male Under 4025OXFORD CITYMale32 
35201Justin Busby01:26:1901:26:08Male Under 4026Harpenden Arrows RunnersMale33 
3679Huw Arthur01:26:2501:26:16Male Under 4027 Male34 
37264Kai Parker01:26:2501:26:03M40 - 497Trent Park Running ClubMale35 
38132Doug Nesbit01:26:3301:26:29M40 - 498St Albans StridersMale36 
39156Alex Raybould01:26:3401:26:20Male Under 4028 Male37 
402238Joe Spraggins01:26:4501:26:39Male Under 4029 Male38Gates of St Albans
41220Ben Draper01:26:4901:26:41Male Under 4030 Male39 
42780Andy Whitfield01:26:5701:26:14Male Under 4031 Male40 
432237Daniel Reynolds01:27:0001:26:55Male Under 4032 Male41Gates of St Albans
44167Joel Northcott01:27:0301:26:52Male Under 4033 Male42 
4555PHILIPPA TAYLOR01:27:0701:27:03W45 - 541 Female3 
4645Antonio Maraia01:27:1001:27:05M50 - 592 Male43 
4768Andrew Dodds01:27:3601:27:23Male Under 4034 Male44 
48176Grant Kennedy01:27:4001:27:32Male Under 4035 Male45 
492226Ryan Nokes01:27:4401:27:26Male Under 4036 Male46Sherrards Solicitors
5085Michael Byrne01:27:4801:27:33Male Under 4037 Male47 
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